Regional Insurance – iPhone app allows users to maintain an asset register

iPhone App Allows Users to Maintain an Asset Register

When it comes to making an insurance claim, it’s a suggested step to have all of your assets appropriately valued so this there value can be relayed to your insurer.

However, achieving this can be hard when there are so many assets to account for, from your residential or commercial premises to individual items such as computers and jewellery.

However, a recent app creation by Australian technology company Rocket Innovation Group (RIB) aims to make the entire process far easier. Currently available on iPhone, the app is called My eVault and offers a genuinely brilliant solution to the issue of keeping track of and documenting all your assets.

The features of My eVault

At its core, My eVault allows its users to input data in regards to all their items and assets via a combination of using the iPhone’s keyboard, camera and Siri (provided the individual owns an iPhone with the Siri feature).

With each asset, the user can then categorise them appropriately. Through this categorisation, it allows users to easily access any asset in the event they may need to assist in item valuation, recovery or as part of a related insurance or tax claim.

However, the features do not stop there. Others include:

  • Automatic calculation of total asset value (this helps in determining required amount of insurance cover)
  • Generate on-screen and printable asset reports
  • Reminders for important milestones; e.g. Renewal of insurance
  • Store documents; e.g. passport, driver’s licence

The My eVault app is the brainchild of Ron Voon, the director of Rocket Innovation Group. He noted that he created the app as he believed there was a hole within that market and saw the opportunity to create something truly beneficial to the average person who finds managing assets extremely daunting.

While the current iteration of the app has been designed for personal use, Voon noted that a business-focused version of the app could be a possibility in the future. However, any further advancements the app will be determined based on the initial versions demand among users.

Currently, there is no version available to tablets or Android devices. Voon similarly stated that these versions will only be considered if demand is respectable enough on iPhone.

If you’re interested in investing in the app, it will cost you $6.49. While this may seem like a higher price compared to other apps, there’s no doubting the benefits such an app offers. So if you’re an iPhone owner and find it hard to keep track of your assets for insurance claims, policies and valuations, then this could be an ideal solution for you.

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