My eVault has a rich feature list compared to other similar applications.
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Comparison of Features My eVault Premium (Version 1.0) Other similar apps on the market
Core features Integrated asset management tool * (personal digital inventory, travel wallet backup, insurance policy aggregator, tagging functionality, tax expense claim aggregator) Features of My eVault are on separate apps or are not integrated
Design Bespoke user interface (UI) design * Standard UI design
Security Secure and innovative passcode entry * Security timeout – user defined. Back up secret Q&As – user defined. Quick app lock. Logout function. Limited /no app security
Usability Easy-to-use, intuitive. Siri-enabled voice input. AirPlay compatible for widescreen TV. AirPrint enabled for compatible wireless printers Not Siri-enabled. Barcode scanner function have limited capability
Search assets Retrieve assets quickly via search bar tool and A-Z categorisation search Limited search capability
Archive Easy single-click archiving of assets via hidden archive folder * Not available
Reminders Badge number notifications for actions, insurance and warranty expiry. Push reminder notifications. Calendar reminder view Limited or no reminder capability
Insurance Insurance estimation toolbar calculator * Instant $ value of total assets with category breakdown Limited insurance estimation calculator. Limited $ value breakdown of assets
Reporting Onscreen reporting of app data. PDF reporting and storage on cloud apps. AirPrint enabled for instant printing. Reports for valuation, insurance and tax expense claims Limited reporting capabilities
Travel Back up travel wallet items including photos (e.g. passport, licences and loyalty cards) Not available on personal inventory apps
* Trademarks and patents pending in Australia and USA
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